Company History

April 14th, 2022, marked the 50th anniversary of M&M. This company started with one man’s dream a half century ago, Russell Muggs Mullican, founder and entrepreneur.

Today M&M has grown into an over $70 Million dollar company while retaining the fundamental lessons learned from Muggs in the boiler rooms of some of the nation’s most powerful institutions. M&M Welding has grown, prospered, and flourished through five decades. Taking on new business in the data facilities and technology fields with unique innovations while building its current staff into an enviable powerhouse.

With this loyal and dedicated group of guys and one business-savvy daughter with a never-fail attitude, this family business has come a long way.

Muggs was one of a kind; born in 1941, graduated high school in 1959 and joined the Army that same year where he served as a paratrooper in the Army’s 101st Airborne Division. Achieving the rank of Sergeant upon discharge. He then attended Montgomery College and the University of Maryland.

In 1972 M&M Welding and Fabricators began as a mom-and-pop shop run out of the family home. Muggs worked all day and attended night school to earn various certifications and licenses as a boilermaker.

M&M evolved from their family home base operation and in 1980 relocated to a new property and building at 8100 Cesena Avenue in Gaithersburg, MD.

Working long days, overnights, weekends and going to school in the evenings, all while raising a family wasn’t enough for Muggs. He was compelled to be a leader in the mechanical contracting industry in both local and national associations.

He was elected to leadership positions that kept him on top of his game. These leadership roles and networking opportunities would inevitably drive new business and offer the chance to bid on large jobs and government contracts that M&M still serves today.

Throughout these early years, a little girl was riding shotgun alongside her dad. Like a sponge she was taking in all the nuances, the vocabulary, and the life lessons he was teaching her.

She was becoming a regular fixture in the office and the field alongside the crew learning about the business while at the same time learning about management and leadership. She was working as a woman in a man’s world, but she’d never let that deter her.

M&M was growing rapidly through the 80’s and 90’s and finally in 1996 Carey assumed the role of President and she has followed in Muggs footsteps. Since assuming control of the company Carey has grown M&M into one of the most successful Women-Owned businesses in the country. M&M has now far exceeded the mom-and-pop shop status.

And in 1991 another future M&M leader was born, this time a boy, grandson of Muggs and Carey’s first born, Kyle Dove. His dream was to run the company business just like his “pop-pop” and his mom. He started to ride shotgun with his grandfather Muggs, at around 7 years old like Carey.

Kyle worked at M&M in summers while attending high school at Glenelg. He then graduated from Salisbury University in 2013 with his Bachelor of Science-Business Management. Kyle sees his future in continuing to develop big jobs, working on growing the data center industry and building up his crews in various different trades.   

As Muggs would say “When it’s too hard for everyone else it’s just right for us.” Choose M&M!

Muggs Mullican, Founder

Muggs Mullican, Founder


Carey Dove, President/Owner

Carey Dove, President/Owner


Kyle Dove – Vice President

Kyle Dove – Vice President