Underground Distribution Piping

M&M Welding and Fabricators specialize in the installation of new underground HVAC distribution piping as well as the maintenance of existing underground distribution systems.

We work on underground steam and condensate systems, high-temperature hot water, chilled water, and domestic hot water.

M&M Welding and Fabricators has been performing these services at apartment complexes, universities, and various Federal and State government campuses in the greater Washington, DC area for over 50 years.

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Underground Gas Line Repairs and Gas Line Replacements in Maryland

The professional natural gas plumbers at M&M Welding and Fabricators are your one-stop shop for all mechanical contracting needs. We provide gas line repairs, underground gas line replacements, natural gas plumbers, and more to Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC.

No matter the complexity or sensitivity of your job, our crew has the experience and tools needed to get everything done with precision and accuracy. Trust us as the experts that have been around for over 45+ years.

Expert Underground Gas Line Replacement Done with Proper Equipment

Underground Gas Line Installation by M&M Welding & FabricatorsM&M Welding and Fabricators handle large, complex jobs with ease. We have experts on staff that have spent decades with our company, and we own, operate, and service our very own construction equipment. This allows us to service your gas line repairs or underground gas line replacements on short notice with proven solutions. 

Our employees have strong work ethics, a dedication to safety, and our constantly growing and acquiring knowledge in the field. With a “can-do” attitude we learn every aspect of gas line services that we are able to, so our clients know they can come to us as a one-stop-shop for any underground gas line repair or more.

With our own construction equipment, we also save you money by not having to rent out from a third party. That means underground gas line installations, repairs, and more are handled exclusively by our team. We can streamline the process and save you costs. 

Natural Gas Plumbers Servicing MD, VA, and DC

Underground gas line installationDon’t risk an inexperienced crew coming in and completing an improper gas line replacement. Gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning can occur without you being aware. With M&M Welding and Fabricators, you know your property and your employees are always safe and handled with proper care.

This is no risk of extra expense when you work with the professionals at M&M Welding and Fabricators. Since 1972 we have been in the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC areas, handling large jobs with ease and accuracy. Our clients range from public school systems to the Department of Defense because we prove on each time that our time is dedicated to the job, and to you, our client. Other natural gas plumbers may think they can have downtime on the job or not properly secure their lines, but M&M Welding and Fabricators complete every job to 100% satisfaction, no corners skipped.

Take care of your property the right way the first time by calling our crews. With employees with decades of experience both in the field and in the house, someone is always available with answers and solutions to your need.

Underground Gas Line Installation and Gas Line Repair Mount Airy, MD

M&M Welding and Fabricators are the professional mechanical contractors to handle all of your underground distribution systems needs like Underground gas pipe line installation and Gas pipe line repair.

Gas Pipe Installation and Gas Line Replacement Mount Airy, MD


We install new underground HVAC distribution piping and maintain existing underground distribution systems. For over 45 years, universities, apartment complexes, and Federal and State government campuses have trusted us as their go-to underground HVAC piping company throughout Washington, DC, and surrounding areas. 

Get in touch with us today to request a quote on your next underground distribution piping system (Underground gas line installation) installation or maintenance upkeep. 

Get in touch for gas line repairs today

When so many of your neighbors trust us for their gas line replacements, repairs, and services, you know you can have trust in what services we provide.

It’s not just about quality service, it is about proper workmanship, safe equipment, and knowing we did our job right, the first time. Save yourself time and money by hiring the company that gives you peace of mind. Work with professionals who have been in service for over 45 years, and put you, their client, first - always.

Contact us via phone call, filling out our online form, or requesting an online quote. We invite you to check out our “about us” to learn more about our company history and why we fight for your property to always be sure during every job we take on. We’re professional, we’re friendly, and it’d be a pleasure to work with you and lend you our expert knowledge for whatever gas pipe repairs are needed.

From 24/7 emergency repairs to routine maintenance and installations, there are decades backing up the team at M&M Welding and Fabricators. Join our ever growing client list to receive trusted, safe gas piping services.