M&M Welding and Fabricators is the go-to installation contractor for several of the largest, most reputable chiller manufacturers in the DC Metro area.

M&M specializes in the retro-fit market for water-cooled, centrifugal, and air-cooled chillers.

We also perform new installations, repairs, maintenance, and rentals as part of our industrial chiller services.

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Emergency 24/7 Chiller Repairs and Replacements

If and when a chiller goes down and you can’t afford the time without it, M&M Welding and Fabricating shows up 24 hours a day, seven days a week to take care of the problem.


When other chiller companies are sleeping or away from their cell phones, we have chiller technicians available to come out and help you throughout MD, DC, and VA. 


We stay after-hours to make sure the job is done properly and safely. We value a high work ethic and clear communication, so every chiller repair is completed with high customer satisfaction. 


From chiller replacements, complete installations, or general maintenance, you can count on us. Get in touch, any time or day, when you need emergency chiller services in Maryland, Virginia, or DC. 

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HVAC Chiller Maintenance with Safety as the Top Priority

Just a few of the ways our chiller repair company continues to stay up-to-date and ahead of the game in the mechanical contracting industry includes focusing on the top safety priorities and continued safety training.


When our chiller technicians come on to your site, they complete each job to the same standards you expect from your internal team. We consider the safety of our employees, your staff, your property, and more. 


Our expert HVAC chiller service is one of the most trusted, not just because of our knowledge, but because of our ethical practices as well. Every chiller repair, installation, or replacement is conducted responsibly and with safety and customer satisfaction first. 


To give you the best chiller service in DC, MD, and VA, we invest in:

Chiller Installations in MD, VA, and DC

To keep your chiller system — no matter what variety or type — in top-tier functioning order, you need to maintain a proper preventive maintenance schedule completed by chiller technician experts.


It’s important to always work with a professional HVAC chiller maintenance company for any repair, inspection, installation, or other chiller services. If you are not working with reliable chiller experts, you risk spending more time and money on the initial fix plus additional repairs than you bargained for. 


Part of M&M Welding and Fabricator’s chiller system services includes setting up a chiller preventive maintenance program that is tailored specifically to your property’s needs. Our staff, who have years of hands-on experience providing proven solutions, can help you create the right maintenance plan for your chiller repairs. 


Our HVAC Chiller System experts will talk with you to decide on the best management plan so you get the entire lifespan out of your chiller, making your large investments worth their money.

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Overhaul and Upgrade Your Industrial Water Chiller

What are the benefits of a new Industrial Water Chiller?


Installs, overhauls, and upgrades are all available for your water cooler chiller, industrial water chiller, heat recovery chiller, and more.


Hiring the industrial water chiller professionals at M&M Welding and Fabricators means hiring a team of experts with decades of hands-on experience to take care of all turn-key chiller services needed. You can improve your efficiency and extend your chiller’s overall life span. 


We have installed and rigged 2-325 ton chiller for First National Bank in Baltimore’s inner harbor; completed a turnkey chiller installation; and have removed old chillers from basement mechanical rooms and installed an entirely new chiller. We’ve seen every issue and have devised a proven solution, every time. 


Whatever chiller you have and whatever service it needs, you can bet that our heat recovery chiller experts have handled something like it before. It’s why we are known for our “can-do” attitude — we learn it all, so we can do it all to serve you better.