Cooling Towers

We provide services for all varieties of cooling towers, including water cooling towers, power plant cooling towers, evaporative cooling towers, and more.

Repairs install, and protective maintenance are all part of our promise to you to keep your cooling tower functioning like new.

Trust the experts. We make sure you are in good hands.

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M&M Welding and Fabricators holds the following Certificates of Authorization from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors (NBBPVI)






Preventive Maintenance

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Cooling Tower Rentals and Other Services

You have a one-stop-shop for all HVAC cooling tower rental services when you hire M&M Welding and Fabricators for your cooling tower needs. We offer a variety of cooling tower rental designs to suit your water HVAC cooling tower rental requirements, no matter what business you manage. 


As HVAC experts with over 45 years of experience, we can work with you on numerous cooling tower systems. The service we provide is backed by years of experience and proven solution methods. 

Trust our commercial hvac experience for your:
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HVAC Cooling Tower Maintenance to Extend Your HVAC Lifespan

We aren’t referred to as the expert HVAC Cooling Tower Service company for just any reason in the local DC, MD, and VA regions. Clients have continued to call us and trust us for cooling tower maintenance for years because of the trusted, expert service we deliver time and time. 


The lifespan of your HVAC cooling tower should be between 15 and 20 years. However, that lifespan won’t happen and your investment won’t be protected if you don’t provide continued, planned maintenance for your cooling tower systems.


We offer preventive maintenance contracts to help maintain your cooling tower’s functionality, while also scheduling repairs, installations, and emergency services when needed.


We work with you to organize the best maintenance plan for the cooling tower systems you currently use. Some systems require internal cleanings and other maintenance only once a year, while some require cleanings and checks twice a year to stay efficient. With over four decades of experience, our cooling tower repair company can help you determine what service you need. 


Save time and save money when you hire M&M Welding and Fabricators for your water cooling towers maintenance and repairs

A Professional HVAC Cooling Tower Installation Company is Only a Call Away

New HVAC cooling tower installations meet deadlines, are up to code, and are focused on safety-first. Communication, an agreed-upon installation plan, and schedule will all be discussed to ensure a smooth cooling tower installation for your business. 


If retrofitting is what you need instead, we handle those. Keep your equipment up to date and at high-efficiency levels with our expert cooling tower services. Don’t worry about assessing the situation — give our cooling tower crews a call and let us assess the situation for the best, most efficient solution for your needs. 


Whether you have a minor cooling tower repair, or you are in need of complete cooling tower maintenances and services, we have you covered. Retrofittings, preventive services, and emergency services can all be scheduled by giving us a call.