Carey Dove

President & CEO

M&M’s CEO and President Carey Dove has been at the helm for close to half the company’s 45+ years of success, having assumed control of the company in 1996. Although at that time she had a hard-earned business management degree in hand, her initial love of the business – as well as her deep familiarity with all aspects of it – can be traced to the four summers she spent as a laborer on the M&M payroll.

“I loved working in the field. There’s no better way to learn the business. And no better way to get acquainted with the competent, loyal team that we’ve always been fortunate to have at M&M,” said Carey. “I’d probably still be on the M&M frontlines if my father hadn’t pulled me into the office in alarm after spying my developing forearm muscles!”

M & M Welding and Fabricators was founded in 1972 by Russell “Muggs” Mullican, Carey’s father. Carey Dove has grown the company her father started nearly 45+ years ago into one of the most successful woman-owned businesses in the country.

Much of M&M’s success can be attributed to a deeply held business philosophy Carey learned from and shared with her father: “When servicing the customer, it is your men who make you. Without your men, you don’t make it.” It’s this enduring philosophy – emphasizing the importance of cultivating and compensating a quality team – that accounts for four decades of satisfaction shared among M&M’s clients and employees alike. And, it’s responsible, too, for the many “legacy” – or family teams – that can be found among the ranks of the M&M family…Carey’s son, Kyle, very much included.


Dave Poe

Executive Vice President

Because Dave – our Executive Vice President since 1994 – has served in just about every capacity within the company over the past 32 years, he is uniquely positioned to assess the business from every angle, ensuring M & M is doing the best job possible, in every area. His motto – “don’t change-order the client to death” – is also an accurate reflection of the mindset he brings to work each and every day: “know what you’re going to do before you do it, and get it right the first time!”

Dave’s work experience literally reads like a collective resume of the company; he has been an apprentice, a journeyman, a dispatcher, an estimator, a project manager, and one of our lead salesmen. He’s now the lead estimator/project manager, and he is responsible for, and does assist, with the day-to-day operations.

Dave – who’s marquee clients have included, among others, WMATA, Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS), APG/Edgewood Arsenal, Montgomery College, Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS), American University, Gallaudet, and Kay Management – also helps with design, building partnerships, developing schedules, and handling emergencies, all the while, dealing with a wide range of administrative duties.



Field Superintendent

If you ask me, any employer would love to have an employee and even a family member like Strag!
He came to work for M&M 38 years ago where he started as a pastime laborer while still in high school. Strag enjoyed his work so much he passed up numerous football scholarships to well known division one universities. After serving his apprenticeship and becoming a certified welder, Strag began running work on his own, motivating fellow employees to see how fast they could get a job done compared to the competition.

As a roving field superintendent, Strag oversees most jobs – especially the more challenging problems and he works with customers face to face and is often running five or six jobs a day. He is available on call 24/7 and manages emergencies for schools and apartments where he provides temporary boilers, chillers, etc. He says he feels like part owner of the company – and takes tremendous pride in his work.

Strag is the ultimate team player. He lives his motto, “whatever it takes” to get the job done on time!



Mark plays an integral and continuous role in every single project undertaken by M & M, beginning with the initial customer sit-down, the government specifications review, and the comprehensive bid process, continuing through the numerous on-site visitations he makes during the course of the project, and culminating in the final inspection and sign-off. It’s a complicated responsibility, perfectly suited for the “Captain,” given his career-long association with M & M; founder Muggs Mulligan hired Mark directly out of Hurley’s, and they both departed there together when Muggs started M & M.

As Muggs’s apprentice helper, Mark observed and learned so many aspects of the business, and his varied experience at M & M speaks well of his aptitude; he was a boiler maker-welder, a foreman, an estimator, and then a project manager.

One of Mark’s early and invaluable talents – to Muggs and M & M – was his ability to handle much of the government work upon which the company bid.

Of his many decades of service, Mark is especially proud of the work he performed at large power plants, like Calvert Cliffs and Cove Point in Solomon’s Island; on the steam-generating boilers at the DC power plant; removing and replacing the old boiler at the U.S. Naval Hospital; and throughout the seven miles (!) of tunnels that snake under DC.

Mark often remarks that he loves to come to work each day; a good thing, too, as the work clearly loves Mark!



Technical Director

Steve, who oversees our four code stamps for construction and the manufacture of new equipment, is the Technical Director of the company, ultimately responsible for our high standards of quality control, and safety. Steve also serves as the on-site specialist, as well as M & M’s manager of Human Resources.

Steve came to M & M in 2007, with thirty years of experience in the construction industry, working in power and chemical plants. Although engineering is his core specialty, Steve is also a welder, machinist, and a recognized pioneer in automated welding. It is exactly this multi-disciplinary experience that accounts for our heavy reliance on Steve as a problem-solver…and boy, does he solve problems!

Always viewing challenges from every angle so as to devise the strongest, most comprehensive solution to them, Steve is able to draw upon his solid technical background as a designer, and inventor. It’s what makes him a master trouble-shooter with near-legendary success.

Steve is especially proud of the 2-year project he recently kick-started at the Social Security Administration, but evidence of Steve’s valuable contribution can be found on every M & M project.




Travis now serves as M & M’s Superintendant, but he is a 28-year veteran of the company, having arrived here right out of high school; he’s been growing, and helping to grow the company, ever since.

Travis relies upon his nearly three decades in the business to accurately assess a project before it begins, estimating with confidence the length of time – and cost – necessary to get the job done, fast and efficiently.  It’s just one of the reasons engineers, tradesmen, and project managers are so comfortable dealing with Travis.

Travis began as a welder’s helper, then mastered the discipline during an intense five-year apprenticeship.  He’s been an accredited welder for the past 20 years, but perhaps his most enduring role at M & M is as a problem-solver; large power and central heating plants are his specialty, so Travis has been called upon repeatedly to handle large outages.

The General Services Administration (GSA), the White House Complex, the 17th Street Tunnels, and Bolling Air Force Base are just a few of the important clients that have relied upon Travis’s considerable talents.  His access to the highest security clearances has been an essential element of that success.

M & M has invested heavily in Travis over the years.  It’s a testament to the strength of that relationship that Travis, too, has invested significantly with the company: his youngest son is now part of our team.  We couldn’t be more grateful to have two Boylstons within the M & M family!



Sonny, our past Vice President, came to M & M in 1974 after 20 years in the industrial and commercial oil industry as an oil burner mechanic, schooled in installation and service. His dedication and hard work on behalf of the company and its clients is matched only by his stamina, and longevity! Sonny is always “at it,” and we’re so thankful for it.

Although it sounds like a pitch for a present-day audience, Sonny has been preparing budgets and depreciation schedules of new equipment for energy conservation for the past quarter century. This is consistent with the philosophy that Sonny
and M & M have always adhered to: never be content to be merely “current,” but always strive for the pioneering path.

Since his retirement, Sonny still at times assists in contract-bidding and negotiating with building managers and owners.

Sonny is an experienced and reassuring voice, one of the many reasons he enjoys such success resolving problems on specifications and plans with design engineers. They surely respect his decades in the business, as well as his talent designing and installing complete HVAC systems, including full specifications and detailed drawings. We enjoy still being able to call him to help us out when need be.

Always aware that learning is a life-long pursuit – and intensely giving of his own deep knowledge – Sonny has for years organized courses of instruction in maintenance and energy programs for local county facilities. He has also designed steamfitter and journeymen apprenticeship programs.

He remains the cornerstone of the team that helped grow M &M through his expertise of burner and electrical repair, installation and maintenance.