President’s Message

Carey Dove, CEO M&M Welding and FabricatorsAs a business owner, I am always evaluating how we do business. One of the things that I look at is how we handle the challenges that we face day to day, how we approach the difficulties inherent in running a business. The result is always the same. We have a consistent can-do approach to the difficulties that come our way, whether dealing with a customer’s problem or a vendor’s question. We tell our customers: “You can go home – we got this! Our customers don’t have to worry about a thing because we have their back. I am here to tell you that that attitude is a no brainer, and it makes a big difference in morale at work, AND home!

That consistent can-do attitude makes me proud of our company and employees especially in light of all the promises, political double speak and negativity that is going on leading up to the November presidential elections on both sides. Sometimes even I lose faith and focus amidst all the unnecessary criticism, cynicism, and pessimism that seems to flood our world these days. I know that I must not be the only one who is feeling this way, so I thought I’d put “pen to paper” and let you in on what motivates me the most when I start feeling less than positive, and therefore less than the best I can be. The premise is easy…I remember that I am an American.

We need to remember that we are Americans, first and foremost, and there is so much that comes with that privileged legacy. We have a foundation of core values that runs deep. When I think of those core values – I learned mostly from my Dad – I think about getting back to the spirit of tackling challenges with the right attitude, staying positive and keeping things in perspective. When I do I can tell you it makes all the difference in the world.

Additionally, if you are having trouble mustering up the positive within seek out something positive that speaks to your American citizenry for inspiration. If you look for it, you will see it there. For instance, I happened to hear a commercial on the radio the other day. It says “the last three letters in American is CAN” … whenever I hear that, I cheer to myself and say “Yes! We CAN do this! Just that little bit of affirmation makes a big difference. Then, I say out loud “We can and we will!” Try it! It goes a long way in flipping a “I can’t” attitude.

Here’s another bit of inspiration. In a book written by Iraqi Freedom medic, Dan Smee, called “Totally American,” the book reviewer captures the essence of what it is to be an American, and says, “Americans are optimists. Americans are doers. Americans don’t give up at the first sign of failure. The stories we love most are those of underdogs who persevere and overcome against all odds. We believe in resilience. Success involves taking chances, saying “yes” to opportunity. You really can be anything you want to be. Anything you dream. Anytime. Only in America. That’s what our flag represents.


American Flag


That brings me to this. I am reminded of another group of men who had a “can-do” attitude, especially at this time of year, when my thoughts go back to the Fall of 2001. In my lifetime, I have not witnessed any better example of doing what needed to be done in the face of adversity than that which was demonstrated during, and after the terrorists attacks on September 11. They could have succumbed to grief and pain, but instead they portrayed resolve, resilience, and pride, all of which are at the essence of what it is to be American.

Before I close, on behalf of myself and the management at M & M, I want to give a shout out to our employees. With your consistent and persistent can-do attitude, you are a great example of what can be achieved when you dig deep and stay positive while finding a way to solve a problem in the best interest of a customer while striving to accomplish our own goals. We are very proud of every one of you at M & M Welding for completing so much in such a short amount of time. You definitely go the extra mile every day. And I thank you for that.

I hope that after reading this post you have been inspired and remember what it is to be an American.