President’s Message

President’s Message

Carey Dove, CEO M&M Welding and FabricatorsA message from Carey Dove.

2012 marks the 40th Anniversary of M & M Welding and Fabricators – serving heating and cooling needs for our clients in government, business and community for four decades.

As General Manager, I wanted to take a minute to consider what this milestone means to me, my employees, our clients, this industry and our competition.

First, let me say how proud I am of my management team and the staff we’ve put together. They are the best in the business – competitive, certified and capable, continually striving for excellence – to get the job done safely, accurately and in a timely fashion.

For many of our clients, M & M is the problem solver – the go-to company that get’s it done when so many Washingtonians depend on their government, company or school buildings opening and functioning safely on time.

When my father, “Muggs” began this company in 1972, he built the foundation on the fact that you are only as good as your employees and he’s been proven right on so many levels – I can hear his funny, but true sayings and these words of wisdom echo in so many of the management decisions I make on a daily basis.

He believed in our country, in me and in being the best you can be… my staff and I live by these principles every day…these are just a few reasons why so many of my team have been here for decades and several father and sons, brothers and cousins have made M & M Welding a career for generations. Many of our retirees come back to lend their expertise and consultation even after they’ve retired.

And as we move forward into the next forty years, to our team I say – give ‘em your best every day and thank you for a job well done.

To our industry I say – we’ll continue to bring you leadership, innovation, and continued growth.

To our clients I say – there is no job we can’t do. We offer you solutions to your problems, to show up on time, to do the job in an efficient manner and to do it to the best of our ability.

To our competition I say – Go HOME – we got it!

Here’s to forty – no, one hundred and forty more years! God Bless M & M, our clients and God Bless America!!

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